How to Successfully and Quickly Pack for a Trip

Packing for a trip doesn’t need to take lots of time. Following a few simple tips can help ensure that you have all you need on your trip, maximizing your chance of having a good time.

First, the weather for your planned destination. This will help you select the right clothes to pack, as well as the right clothing to travel in. Remember to layer your clothing. This allows you lots of flexibility so that if the weather suddenly changes you can add or remove items as the situation dictates.

Second, check your itinerary. This will reduce the chance that you bring the wrong sort of items. For instance, just as you don’t want to bring nice clothing on a camping trip, you also don’t want to dress too casually for a business trip.

Unless you are a seasoned traveler, make a list of all the things you need to bring with you. These can include casual clothing like shorts and TV shirts. Bring nice suits or dresses if you’ll be attending a special occasion. When packing, start with the heavier items at the bottom with lighter clothing on top. Therefore, running shoes, large bags, etc., should be at the bottom. Tuck items like belts, socks, etc. within this layer or inside items like purses and bags. Thick items like sweaters should compose the next layer. Then tops should take up the next layer. If you need to bring formal wear and it’s iron-able, then include them in this layer. If they’re not iron-able, then keep these outside of your luggage in a garment bag. Also, if you have only a few toiletries, place these in a plastic bag with a top that zips. Make certain to place cologne, lotions and similar products in their own bag to protect your clothes. If you tend to bring lots toiletries, use a small luggage bag. Place it in your suitcase, if you have room. If not, then you may need to check this in at the airport, or carry it on. Whatever you carry on the plane, make sure that it includes a casual outfit. You should have extra clothing with you, in case your luggage is lost or is delayed.

Remember to leave any valuables like jewelry and watches at home. However, if you must bring them, keep them in a safe place, don’t show them to anyone who doesn’t need to see them and make certain they’re insured.

Before returning home, double check under the bed, dresser drawers and closets of the room you stayed in, as well as any other rooms that you used during your stay to ensure that you aren’t leaving anything behind. You may want to bring along your suitcase packing list mentioned above to make certain that you don’t miss anything.

Lastly, you may need to purchase packaging supplies to send home items like souvenirs or clothing you bought that don’t fit in the suitcase or that cannot be brought on the plane. In these instances, go to a local packaging supplies store for tape and boxes. (The store should have pens and mailing labels you can use.) Mail your items off from the store. Depending on how long your journey back is, your things could be waiting for you even before you get home.


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